The installation includes:

  • Power over Ethernet junction box
  • Power adapter
  • Up to 25 metres of outdoor CAT 5e cable
  • Install wireless Antenna to TV tower or J-mount
  • Cable connectors as required
  • Single arm mount or TV Tower brackets for radio mounting
  • Alignment of radio antenna and confirmation of signal strength
  • Drilling of hole/insertion of cable/and sealing of hole to one exterior wall location
  • Junction box will be located within 3 metres of exterior wall hole (where required)
  • Mounting of power-over-ethernet junction box at point of entry (where required)
  • up to 2.5 hours of installation labour ON SITE.
  • Limited 90 day warranty on installed components against faulty workmanship

Cable fishing or other difficult cabling requires additional labour which is billed out at 35 Euros/hour. Installation price is based on typical installation. The fee may be higher if mounting location difficult or requires special equipment.

We advise that all supplied electrical equipment be connected with either surge protection or a battery UPS system. This is to ensure protection against electrical abnormalities and to meet the warranty conditions in case of failure.

All for 125.00 Euros + iva

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