Our wireless service operates in the professional 5GHz spectrum and is most effective for distances up to 15 kilometres from our communications towers. While limited to line of sight or near line of sight, our wireless broadband has the ability to maintain both reliability and high speeds over large distances.

Installations from 125€ + IVA and monthly payments from as little as 29.99€ + IVA

Residential Installations

Business Installations

Community Installations

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Telephone Service

Having partnered with Europe's largest and most experienced VoIP telephone service provider way back in 2007 we like to think that our fully integrated telephone service is second to none, for both residential use and our fully hosted PBX systems for business use. We provide cheap calls (and inter client Free calls) to every location world wide, genuine telephone numbers are available to rent in almost every major city and town, for most countries.

International landline call rates from 1.9 cents per minute, international mobile call rates from 2.5 cents per minute

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Acox Monthly Tariffs