About Acox

We are committed to bringing our customers a strong, dependable network, affordable rate plans and a wide selection of up-to-date phones and devices. Additionally, Acox Networks takes pride in providing exceptional customer care.

A friendly service and consultative approach is at the core of Acox Network's business, with each new customer receiving a free, customised consultation to make sure that the solution you purchase meets your individual needs for security, flexibility and ease-of-use.

Wireless LANs (Local Area Networks) are fast becoming commonplace in the private home environment, since they offer a way of connecting to the Internet that is flexible and highly convenient. By getting rid of the need to physically connect all your computer equipment together with wires, you can access high-speed Internet connections, share files from a central server and use hardware such as printers or games terminals from any room you choose - totally wirefree.

Our technology works in much the same way as your mobile phone does, allowing devices such as Internet modems, printers and computers to talk to each other remotely - even through walls and floors of buildings. This means you can walk between rooms with a laptop, for example, without disconnecting your Internet connection.

Safeguarding your investments with WI-FI standards

All of our systems' solutions are fully compliant with the 'WI-FI' 802.11 internationally-agreed standards. In real terms, this means that you are buying into the latest in wireless technology, so your investment is safe and you can connect up to other wireless - and wired - computer equipment and networks both easily and securely.

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